June 25, 2018
We have recently located 39 reel to reel tapes of Mickey’s radio show which was broadcast on KABC FM in Los Angeles in the late 50s. These tapes were recorded off of the air by a fan who recently passed away. His family felt that they needed to be preserved, and we will be doing so later this year. Besides music, the tapes also contain interviews with the likes of Irving Fields and live commercials for Canter’s Deli.

October 13, 2016
We are pleased to announce that Academy Award nominated director Immy Humes is officially on-board as director. More news soon!

December 31, 2015
Still at it.

2016 may be the year of the monkey according to the Chinese calendar, but here it’s going to be “The Year of The Katz”.
Our new trailer is out, and there’s much more to come. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4d5mD5nMzg

June 8, 2015
A work in progress
Yes, we are still in production and a collaboration is in the works.
Mickey will be featured in an upcoming museum exhibit in Europe, and we are happily loaning items for our collection.
More to come!

June 24, 2013
Rare Interview Found!
While doing some of my endless research, I was speaking to a gentleman who was the emcee of a Mickey Katz tribute concert shortly after Mickey’s death, when he interjected, “you know I filmed a half-hour interview with Mickey in his penthouse apartment in 1979, would you like a copy of it?” Needless to say, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! The interview is fascinating and will be a great addition to the finished film. I’ve also located another interview conducted by the great Hugh Downs, however funds are needed to preserve the master tape and to license the interview from the copyright holder.

February 21, 2013
Interview Update

There are still many more interviews left to film, but here’s a list of everyone who’s been interviewed so far.
Ron Katz, Mickey’s son
Don Byron, Clarinetist, (Don Byron Plays the Music of Mickey Katz)
Allen & Jayne Weiss, children of Mickey’s drummer, Sammy Weiss
Hale Porter,
cast member of Mickey’s last Broadway review, “Hello Solly” (1966)
Hankus Netzky, Klezmer Conservatory Band, musical director of Borscht Capades ’94
Irving Fields, Musician, recording artist, “Mr. Bagel & Bongos”
Joe Franklin,
New York radio and television talk show host
Joe Siracusa, Drummer, Spike Jones and his City Slickers
Jordan Young, Entertainment historian, author
Josh Kun, Associate Professor of Communication USC, author
Murray Horwitz, Playwright, NPR broadcaster
Neal Stulberg, Director of Orchestral Studies UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
Peter Sokolow, Musician, author, educator
Phil Fink, Radio Host, Shalom America
Simon Rutberg, Record producer, owner Hatikvah Music
Skip Heller, Musician, producer, historian
Tim Rice, Director UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
Yale Strom, musician, composer, filmmaker, writer, photographer, playwright
Violet Spivak, writer, Katz family friend

December 11, 2012
California, Here I Come!
I’ll be in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Monica and a few other places in early February to film interviews, visit Mickey’s grave, do some research and meet up with fellow Katz fans/enthusiasts for lunch at Canter’s Deli, home of the Mickey Katz Special. ($1.05 in 1958)

October 14, 2012
Parodies Found:  Satires, Parodies and Spoofs from the Talmud to the Daily Show.

Jewish literature, from Talmudic times to today, is rich in parodies and satire. What is the significance of parody and satire in Jewish life? Why are they so prevalent in Jewish writing, music, comedy and theater? To discuss and answer these questions, we will read, listen to, view and sing parodies and satirical works from Talmudic times to today. Some of the texts we’ll study are selections from the Talmud, Medieval literature, Mad Magazine, HEEB Magazine, a variety of Purim Shpiels (plays), along with material by comedians/humorists Mickey Katz, Allan Sherman, Fran Lebowitz, Tom Lehrer, and Jon Stewart.

Clips from the Mickey Katz Project will be shown.
October 11, 18, 25, November 1, 8, 15 Temple Israel, Boston, MA 10:30am – 12:00 noon

Visit Temple Israel’s website for more info. >Here<

September 25, 2012
Don Byron interview and more…..
I’ll be in beautiful New York City on Saturday the 29th to finally meet and interview Don Byron who’s Mickey Katz tribute album is tops! I am truly honored that he’s agreed to be a part of the film.
I’ll also be stopping by Joe Franklin’s office for another quick visit. He’s found a picture of Mickey appearing on his show many years ago.
A recent trip to the Library of Congress resulted in locating yet another Katz rarity, a book he wrote and self-published in 1929, “Nonzense of Who’s who end Vats Vat”.

July 15, 2012
Cleveland bound

August 14, 2012
Historic Footage Found!
Over the past two months, we’ve been able to locate all sorts of historical footage including a kinescope of Mickey in his prime, playing on live TV in 1955. Besides this one-of-a-kind performance, we’ve also located an entire half-hour TV interview with Mickey and his wife Grace filmed just a few years before his death, and an interview with Joel, circa early 70s talking about his ethnic roots. Listings for two more previously unknown TV appearances were recently found in vintage newspapers, but the footage itself has not been located. All of this footage needs to be licensed if it’s ever going to be seen by the public again. Your donations are needed now more than ever.

July 15, 2012
Cleveland bound
I’m glad to say that we raised enough money to get to Mickey’s hometown, Cleveland to shoot some amazing footage in early August. We’ll film Mickey’s old stomping grounds and speak with a few folks that knew him, including a disc jockey who banned his music from his show in 1955.
We’ll also be filming a tribute concert by the band, Yiddishe Cup. on August 9th.
>>Click HERE to purchase tickets.<<

We have nowhere near enough in donations to get to LA yet, but we still have 30+ days left for our fundraising campaign. www.indiegogo.com/MickeyKatz

June 23, 2012
New Mickey Katz footage “found”
Very little film footage of Mickey exists, however over the past few weeks we’ve located two films previously unknown to Katz fans: a rare 1955 kinescope from station KTLA and a news piece from 1979 showing Mickey and his band performing at the Motion Picture Country Home. These films will need to be transferred and licensing rights will need to be paid for. Your donations are needed, otherwise these films will continue to sit on shelves collecting dust, never to be seen. www.Indiegogo.com/MickeyKatz